A 'sweet' little tre​at!

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Bored of traditional party bags?

As a mother of four boys I have hosted and attended many parties over the years and party bags are always a bone of contention for me. They are tedious for the provider, hours of sourcing components, stuffing bags and never as cost effective as you hoped. As a receiver they are full of items that don't hold a child's attention for long and soon you are overrun with small plastic toys, bouncy balls and rubbers.

Saying all that children love a party bag! But after searching the internet for good quality, practical, cost effective favours, I always come up wanting and would end up creating my own.

I wanted to fill this void, and the idea of Candy Canisters was born.

What better way to end your party than with a themed, party keepsake. Small jars that can reflect your theme, be completely personalised to your recipients and be reusable to store all those knick-naks children love to keep.